October 15th, 2016           The Sydney Morning Herald

June 25th, 2016       The Post Newspapers / Perth Upmarket

June 13th, 2015         The Post Newspapers / Perth Upmarket

February 19th, 2015     The Work-Shop Makery blog 

TABAK at 'The Eyes of the Skin'

September 19th, 2014   Customs House, Sydney

TABAK was part of Art & About Sydney opening night festivities at Late Night Library @ Customs House.

Eyes of the Skin.jpg

August 6th, 2014   The Finders Keepers blog

TABAK at 'A Fresh Perspective'

April 4th - 28th, 2014   Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown

TABAK at 'Glaze of Our Lives'

October 29th - November 9th, 2013   Kudos Gallery, Paddington