TABAK   'Leather Series'

TABAK 'Leather Series'

Leather is an important part of my heritage as the world-famous Turkish leather craftsmanship goes back 1000 years.
I love leather due its timeless beauty; the beautifully sensual way it ages – becoming softer, more tactile, acquiring different scents and memories throughout its long life. The more distressed and imperfect it becomes, the more beautiful it looks and feels.
TABAK, which in Turkish means ‘plate’ as a noun and ‘leather tanning’ as a verb, reflects my desire to replicate this imperfect beauty of distressed leather as a range of tableware. With the random creases and distress marks of the leather surface that is mimicked by clay, I seek to capture the sensuality of distressed leather that invites a person to touch and caress, and create a tactile experience as well as an element of surprise by transforming the once soft and flexible to robust and rigid.
The shades of brown, khaki and grey emulating leather are a result of the natural alchemy that is impromptu, ensuring that no two pieces are the same. I celebrate these inconsistencies of natural processes and accentuate them with irregular forms.


Stoneware, slipcast and finished by hand
Lead-free glazed interior
Shades of grey, brown, khaki & white
Dishwasher & microwave safe

Espresso cup $28
Latte cup      $40

Dip dish        $28
Gelato bowl  $33
Cereal bowl  $48

Pasta bowl    $60
Salad bowl    $95
Side plate     $45
Dinner plate  $50
Platter          $130
Vases            $85
Planter          $65





Photography by Sabine Albers

Copyright © 2014 Beste Ogan Design

TABAK range

TABAK range

Latte cup - Ø: 8.5 cm, H: 9 cm – RRP $40

Espresso cup – Ø: 6 cm, H: 6 cm – RRP $28

Dip dish – Ø: 12 cm, H: 3 cm – RRP $28

Gelato bowl – Ø: 13.5 cm, H: 4.5 cm – RRP $33

Cereal bowl – Ø: 16 cm, H: 5.5 cm – RRP $48

Pasta bowl – Ø: 20 cm, H: 6.5 cm – RRP $60

Salad bowl – (elliptical) 25 x 21 cm, H: 8 cm – RRP $95

Side plate – Ø: 19.5 cm – RRP $45

Dinner plate – Ø: 23.5 cm – RRP $50

Short vase – Ø: 11 cm, H: 15 cm – RRP $85

Tall vase – Ø: 9 cm, H: 20 cm – RRP $85



Photography by Sabine Albers



TABAK   colour scheme

TABAK colour scheme


Stone (warm grey)

Chocolate (dark brown)

Duck (greenish dark grey)